T’s & C’s

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To become a Member of PASpak Barbados, you are required to complete the PASpak Customer Registration Form which is available online.

On completion and approval of your application you will be assigned a Free Mailbox # which becomes your Box # in the USA to be used at all times when addressing your packages to be delivered to our Warehouse. Instructions on using this address will be accompanying the information.

Membership is Free. There are no Fees charged for becoming a member and maintaining your Mailbox # in the USA for all your Online Purchases.

PASpak Barbados does not accept responsibility/liability for items until they are received at our warehouse.

PASpak will insure the items you ship with us for a small fee which is included in our rate sheet and covers the value of the item from receipt at our warehouse to delivery to your chosen location in Miami.

Items which are classified as hazardous, firearms, cash and negotiable instruments,  will not be accepted to be shipped

Duties and Taxes

  1. PASpak Barbados will pay the Duty and VAT charged by Customs, unless notified otherwise, and this will be added to your charges. An estimate of the amount will be provided to you at the time of purchase.
  2. An Invoice is required for Customs purposes. Delays may occur where invoice is not available.
  3. Items considered as Personal effects will be cleared normally without formal customs entry and the resulting charge will be treated as COD.
  4. Customs and Excise require customs entries for items imported by Companies. PASpak Barbados could assist in the preparation of the necessary entries and clearance if required.
  5. Customer could opt to process their shipment through Customs but must inform PASpak Barbados at the time of shipment.
  6. There is a service fee for all items cleared through Customs on behalf of the customer.

As in any dynamic business relationship, changes in the terms and conditions governing the relationship may become necessary from time to time. We will advise you when changes are made and you are required to read and accept. Your continued use of the service will be construed as acceptance of the new conditions. You may also opt to email us and advise your disagreement and termination of membership.


Additional Policies

Please see the below links for additional policies which we adhere to.

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